Protect all of your staff from the harmful COVID-19 variant

and make sure

your office is the safest place to work

From mandatory COVID-19 test before taking business trips to periodic health screening for employee, MurniCare is ready to support your corporation by providing swab PCR test for any kind of purposes – at any time.

MurniCare is also supported by medical professionals who undergo routine screening for COVID-19. So worry not, you will be safe from any exposure of COVID-19 while getting tested with us.

Our team is also highly skilled and competent in their field so getting your swab samples taken feels like a breeze – quick and painless.

PCR Swab Test

Same Day & 24 Hours Results

Start from Rp 450.000,-/ pax

Gargle-PCR Test

Start from Rp 495.000,-/pax

Special corporate prices may apply for certain number of pax.

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Other PCR Swab Test Packages

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Drivethru Services


Quick, safe, and convenient

Home Services

Home Service

Best of care at the comfort of your own home

Event Covid Test

Event Services
(Wedding, Seminar, Conference, etc.)

Create COVID-Secure event with us

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