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Here, we provide

General Practitioner

Holistic and trusted healthcare for your medical needs. Find professional support and high quality care here

Vaccination & Immunization

Complete protection for your health. Find high-quality vaccination services and personalized immunizations to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Medical Checkup

Your health is our top priority. Find comprehensive, expert and trusted health care to improve your quality of life.


Find reliable pharmacy services, comprehensive drug information, and support for your health needs.

Laboratorium Test

Precision and Quality for Accurate Diagnosis. Find guaranteed reliability and accurate results through our laboratory testing services to support your health care.


Special Care for Little Ones. We provide expert care, growth monitoring, and special attention to your child's health and development.

Immune Booster

Strengthening Your Health Protection. Find the best immune booster services to increase your immune system and well-being.

Medical Checkup & Consultation

Your Journey to Better Health Starts Here.

Our experienced team of general practitioners is here to provide primary medical care, address your health concerns, and guide you on your wellness journey.

Pharmacy Clinic

Where Care Meets Convenience.

Combining the convenience of a pharmacy with the expertise of healthcare professionals, makes a reliable source for all your medication needs and expert health advice.

Vaccination Service

MurniCare offers a comprehensive range of vaccination services to safeguard you and your loved ones against preventable diseases.


Build your child’s immune system from their early years with essential protection against various diseases, including DPT, MMR, BCG, Polio, Pneumonia, etc.


Strengthen your health with specialized vaccines for crucial protection against diseases that specifically impact women's health, like HPV, Varicela, etc.

Umrah/ Hajj

Ensure a safe and spiritually fulfilling pilgrimage experience with MurniCare's dedicated vaccines for Meningitis, pneumonia, influenza, etc.


Prioritize your health and start your journey towards a blissful marriage with MurniCare's prenuptial vaccines for Tetanus, difteria, etc.

Laboratorium Test

Unleash the Potential of Medical Diagnostic Excellence

MurniCare laboratory service empowers you with a wide range of tests, from blood chemistry to infectious diseases, hormonal assessments, and genetic screenings.Trust our cutting-edge facility and skilled team to deliver accurate results and reliable insights, setting new standards in comprehensive healthcare diagnostics across diverse categories.

Immune Booster

Strengthen Your Immune System

Our immune booster services are designed to strengthen your body's natural defense system and promote overall wellness through vitamin injections.

Your Reliable Vaccine Provider

Trusted by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) as a partner to provide second dose of COVID-19 booster in February 2023.

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