About MurniCare

MurniCare is a reliable and all-in-one healthcare provider committed to provide exceptional care.

We provide a wide range of medical services and products and supported by professional medical team, available 24/7 to assist you.


Becoming realiable & all-inclusive healthcare provide close to home.


1. Providing exceptional care and complete services for all 24/7
2. Producing product to support the improvement of health
3. Ensuring everyone has easy access to quality healthcare close to home
4. Helping to create a healthy and safe environment in the work place or at home``

Competitive Advantages

All-in-one Healthcare Provider

Since COVID-19 pandemic, easy access to reliable healthcare provider becomes number one priority for all. Therefore, we are providing easily-accessible healthcare and a wide range of healthcare products suitable for everyone.

Free Consulation with Medical Professionals

Our dedicated medical team is just one call away to provide general medical advice or urgent medical help, available 24/7 though our care center.

Certified Medical Team

MurniCare is supported with Certified Medical Team. Our medical team help to provide assistance and guidance during any treatments and services based on their vast experience and first-hand knowledge related with it. They will also go the exra mile and open for any discussion at anytime.

Competitive Price

MurniCare offers competitive pricing for healthcare services and it enables you to adjust and choose based on what you need.