Mini ICU

High-Quality Care in A Compact Space.

Exceptional critical care knows no boundaries:
Our Mini ICU services deliver a more personalized intensive care with comprehensive equipment for every patient.

Why choose MurniCare Mini ICU Services?

Emergency-Ready Facility Designed for High-Quality Intensive Care

We ensure a top-tier intensive care with our specially designed facility, dedicated to providing the highest standards of medical attention in critical situations.

24/7 Emergency Support Ready

Intensive Care Wherever Needed

Reduce Stress with Smaller Space

Featured Services

Everything You Need For Exceptional Intensive Care is Here.

Experience a new standard of personalized and efficient healthcare with our Mini-ICU

Mini ICU Creation

Tailored setups for critical care in any compact spaces, based on your needs.

Equipment & Tools

Cutting-edge resource provided to ensure optimal patient care & support at all time.

Nursing Team

A skilled nursing team, both certified and non-certified, delivering attentive care.

General Practitioners

Expert general practitioners offering immediate medical support.

Specialized Doctor

Access to specialized doctors for focused and advanced medical attention.

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