Reflexology & Massage

Healthier Body, Happier Mind.

MurniCare Family Reflexology & Massage prioritize holistic well-being with personalized, inclusive care for individuals of all ages.

Thai Massage

Melt away stress and discomfort with Thai Massage.

Relax deeply with our Thai Massage, a rejuvenating experience rooted in ancient healing traditions.

Enjoy the harmonious blend of acupressure and yoga stretches that work together to revitalize your body’s energy flow.

Most Recommended Treatment
All therapists are trained and certified in Thailand.

Discover more massage style:

Recharge Your Body, Revive Your Soul.

Uncover the art of relaxation with MurniCare’s diverse range of massage styles, meticulously crafted to improve your overall wellness.

Full Body Massage

Indulge yourself in a journey of ultimate relaxation with MurniCare’s Full Body Massage, where expert hands skillfully work away tension and stress, unraveling knots and leaving you completely revitalized.

Herbal Pouch Massage

Immerse yourself in the soothing scents and therapeutic benefits of our Herbal Pouch Massage. A combination of aromatic herbs and skilled hands create a blissful experience, promoting relaxation and balance.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the comforting warmth of stones as they dissolve tension and induce deep relaxation. Renowned for enhancing blood flow and releasing muscle knots, this therapy guarantees a revitalized & rejuvenated feeling.

Additional Treatment

Your head-to-toe transformation awaits.

Committed to providing quality personal care and treatments, we ensure you receive the relaxation and revitalization you truly deserve.

Facial Acupressure
A gentle, effective technique targeting pressure points to relax and improve circulation, leaving your face revitalized and glowing.
Cupping Therapy
A traditional therapy known for enhancing blood flow, alleviating muscle tension, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.
Ear Candle Therapy
A calming, non-invasive treatment designed to alleviate ear discomfort and elevate your overall well-being while caring for your ears.
Body Scrub
A gentle skin exfoliation treatment designed to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh, smooth, and revitalized.
Extra Time for Full Body Massage
Enhance your relaxation journey by extending your full body massage session to maximize its benefits.
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Family Reflexology

Complete Relaxation for Mind, Body, and Family.

Embark on a journey to complete relaxation with your family, melting away stress and fostering stronger bonds in a delightful, feel-good experience.

Choose from our standard and VIP room options for your optimal comfort.

Explore The True Benefits:

Improving Family Well-Being and Bonds.

Beyond the physical benefits, family reflexology and personal care offer a range of additional advantages, including:

Relax the whole family with stress-reducing reflexology.

Foster restful nights and regulated sleep patterns.

Elevate energy and overall health through improved circulation.

Natural relief for headaches, muscle, and joint pain.

Improve digestion and ease stomach discomfort.

Boost family immunity and resilience to illnesses.

Enhance well-being and family bonds through quality time.

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